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Digital Satellite precision finder DSF 80

Finder with 8 satellites and Signal Level Indicator. Compatible with all manual satellite systems.

Users instructions:

  1. Select the required satellite (e.g. ASTRA 19E ).
  2. Raise the dish to the relevant elevation for the current location of the vehicle (see the Angle map).
  3. Turn the dish SOUTHWARDS until DSF80 emits a continuous "BEEP" sound.
  4. Wait for the SAT OK diode (LED) to light up, confirming that the located satellite is the required one.
  5. If a different satellite has been found, the SAT NOT OK LED will light up and the dish must be rotated again until the "BEEP" sound is heard again and the SAT OK LED lights up.
  6. Optimise pointing by slowly adjusting both dish elevation and dish rotation, until the maximum number of lit LEDs is obtained on the LEVEL indicator.